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2016-ALL YA’LLS.


Hotaling A & Hotaling-Giglio H, 2016

Delaware may not be down south as far as we’d like but life here, is a little bit different, and some say we talk a little funny.  According to our friend, Scott Elliot of Maneki Neko Gardens when talking to a person individually, you can say How Ya’ll doing?  When speaking to a group of people you greet them as Hello, All Ya’lls!  

This daylily is a strong grower and will be sure to greet anyone out in the garden with a warm and friendly,  HOWDY ALL YA’LLS!  It is 35” (h) bloom is 8.25”,mid season, dormant, Tetraploid,  19 buds, 2 branches.   Vibrant yellow with a ruffled edge (seedling x seedling)       $75DF 

2015-Artfully Yours Betty


 Hotaling A & Hotaling –Giglio H, 2015
Ruffles pale peach with tiny yellow throat 26"h, mid, 15 buds, rebloom, 5.5"bloom dorm DIP

Our Aunt Betty is a wife, mother, sister and aunt as well as a advocate for the disabled and a wonderful artist.  As an artist, she finds colors and textures interesting and loves weeds!  As a gardener, I love the colors and textures but work hard to eliminate the weeds!  This simple flower is a blank canvas for her to make into her own masterpiece!  Her artwork can be found on Fine Art America's website 
Please be sure to check out her terrific artwork and it will allow you to make comments too! Tell her Heather and Amanda sent ya!

2015-Jeff and Heather Sing Johnny Rebeck


 Hotaling A & Hotaling-Giglio H, 2015

Bright red with a wide yellow star shaped throat 28" Mid, 18 buds, rebloom, 7.5 bloom, Dor, DIP

My cousin, is my hero and is truly “My Sunshine” but the song he and and I are best known to sing together is Johnny Rebeck.  Jeff was born with Spinia Bifida and now in his 50’s he has overcome so much---including my singing—which is small in comparison to the other challenges he has had to live with,  He always has a smile on his face and a look that tells me we are going to have a lot of fun! Jeff, is one of a kind and the dearest man I know.  I am so proud to call him my cousin.Here are the words to our favorite song even if he does change the words on me to another version LOL

​2015-Carol's Little Red Dress


 Hotaling A & Hotaling-Giglio H, 2015)

Deep candied apple red with darker band and a yellow-green throat 28" h, mid, , 20 buds, rebloom, 4.5" bloom Dor DIP

When Uncle George and Carol came down for our garden wedding, Carol had on a little red dress that really stood out to me and it was stunning on her!  When Amanda and I were out in the seedling beds we flagged this one to watch and with its reblooming habit we knew just what its name had to b

2015-Uncle Carl's Eierkuchen


Hotaling A &Hotaling- Giglio H, 2015

Sunny yello with substance and a yellow-green throat 36' h, mid, 15 buds, 6" bloom, dorm TET

This is named after our Uncle Carl who made the best eierkuchen. Uncle Carl is kinda quiet and shy but a great hugger. We didn’t know he was really behind making our breakfast when we stayed at their house.

2015-Julie's Musical Notes


Hotaling A & Hotaling-Giglio H, 2015

Pale pink with ruffles and a gold throat 28" h, mid, 18 buds, rebloom, 6" bloom, DOR Dip

Julie has always loved to sing and she, unlike me, can even remember the words! She always hits the right notes.Along with her daughter Allie, she has become involved with theatre and other creative venues. Julie is also very active with animal welfare projects.  

Be on the lookout for a new intro named after Allie in 2017!

2015-Geocaching George


 Hotaling A & Hotaling-Giglio H, 2015

Burnt red with a golden throat extending out on petals 30"h, mid season, 2 branches, 22 buds, rebloom, 7" bloom Dor Dip

This is named after our Uncle George who got us hooked on geocaching.  Geocaching allows you to visit some really cool places as well as get some exercise. He has gone to many school concerts, science fairs and many other events. This reblooming daylily goes the distance just like Uncle George.

2015-Tinkie's Mission ImPAWSable


 Hotaling-H.&A.-Rishell-G., 2015

height 40 in.(102 cm), bloom 5 in.(13 cm), season EM, Rebloom, Dormant, Tetraploid, 25 buds, 4 branches,  Warm coral with an darker band that appears to have heart tops with ruffles on petals and a wide golden green throat. (Abilene Nan × Uppermost Edge) × Rock Solid) Awards: None

Tinker Belle was a very special cat. She "washed" in Hurricane Sandy. She was thin, had raw paws and was perpetually hungry. She became our third rescue and lived a good life with us and still holds a very special place in our hearts.



 Hotaling-Giglio H, 2014

This bright yellow, somewhat toothy daylily brings a little cheer to the garden! After work in New York I would often stop by to visit by daylily buddy and fellow hybridizer Peter Saxton. a couple blocks away. I found the history in that garden and his knowledge of the Hemerocallis fascinating! I loved that he was always willing to share his experience and would tell stories of the old AHS and members. Sometimes, progress isn’t such a good thing. I knew he found it funny that with my own garden that I went to his for a break! I fell in love with Historic Daylilies here in this garden. The older the better! I was always amazed to see such a huge daylily garden in the middle of a city! The little white hybridizing tags dangling off daylilies swirling in the breeze such a great memory! When Peter relocated, after 70 years, he offered me a lot of his inventory and I am PROUD as anything to grow almost all of the daylilies he and his dad so lovingly created.

A garden is such a wonderful escape from everything that is negative in the world. Peter is a man I feel doesn’t get the credit or appreciation he so rightly deserves, so my friend, Thank You! Remember, you have forgotten more than some will ever know……



 Hotaling-Giglio H, 2014

When we first saw this daylily in our seedling bed it stood out and we watched it for several years before moving it out to really evaluate it. The name didn’t really come to Heather until she and Dave went to Quantico: Home of the United States Marine Corps Museum. This is a wonderful place to visit and to see what the Marines are all about. Dave, showed me around the base as he was stationed there for a time, before going overseas. I am certainly proud of his service! We have watched over the years as they have been working on a concrete walking area with different statues and different plantings and one day we noticed the new life size statue of Marine Staff Sergeant Reckless. Suddenly, that beautiful red daylily with the bright yellow throat (think Marine colors) had its name! What better way to honor this heroic horse? Reckless, was a stabled at a Seoul racetrack and “drafted” into the 5th Marine Regiment 1st Marine Division and served her role in Korea during the Korean War. She was a quick study who seemed to live by the motto “Get er done!” In March 1953, she made 51 trips up jagged hills from the Ammunition Supply Point to the firing sites, 95% of the time by herself.  “She carried 386 rounds of ammunition (over 9,000 pounds – almost FIVE TONS! -- of ammunition), walked over 35 miles through open rice paddies and up steep mountains with enemy fire coming in at the rate of 500 rounds per minute.”, as per She was wounded twice while making these runs and still kept going.

The movie “WAR HORSE” is based on her life. When the war ended, she was rewarded not only with a title she had earned but the love between this hero horse and the soldiers she fought with, was so strong that she returned to the United States with them and lived out her days at Camp Pendleton in California. Rest in Peace, Reckless and Thank You for the your service in the U.S. Marine Corps. 



 Hotaling H-Hotaling A 2013

If you have read "How Heather Became the Lily Lady" you'll get to know how Heather was very close to her grandfather and that they spent a lot of time on the mountain (not Walton's Mountain). Although she grew up with lots of extended family, the farm was her grandfather's get away and they could often be found up there escaping their everyday life! It was here she first fell in love with the daylily, H. Fulva to be exact! After a long day riding on the tractor, her grandfather would be too tired to cook so he would take a can of Campbell's Pork and Beans and that would be dinner! Being a teenager, she didn't think this was a great thing! If he wasn't too tired sometimes he would throw a few hot dogs in...GAG! This and the fact that the farm didn't always have a working bathroom was just too much! When we began hybridizing this was one of our first crosses and it's maiden bloom was NOTHING that we could ever have imagined it was just plain ole ugly and every time Heather walked by it she would glare at it and call it "Bean Queen" because of the color--- a few years later she went by it and it had turned into a stunning plant and the muddiness of the color had turned into a lovely orange with as much character as her Poppy, thus in his honor it was registered as Poppy's Bean Queen--- maybe in her honor---as she ate enough of those nasty beans to be a Bean Queen




Hotaling H. Hotaling A.-Rishell 2013

This daylily is named to honor a wonderful man, Madhu Padi MD. This daylily is bright and bold, always cheerful just like then man it is named after! 

2013-Luckys rainbow


  Hotaling H-Hotaling A 2013

Lucky was a resc ue who found Heather in 1992 and she was a year to 2 years old according to the vet. When Amanda Jack was born in 1994 Lucky had taken it upon herself to "watch the baby" and the two grew up together. In 2009, as we were preparing to move to Delaware we told Lucky not to worry she would go with us. Sadly, Lucky passed away in June of 2009, we had her cremated and SWORE that we would never again own a cat! EVER! Lucky was a house cat who lived to be nearly 20! The day she was put to sleep, we cried our fool eyes out but as we passed the vets office we noticed the MOST BEAUTIFUL RAINBOW and knew that it was her telling us she was safe and happy and that she loved us. We had her cremated and kept our promise to bring her with us to Delaware. She was always sitting and watching us sort seeds, pot plants and when we saw this daylily in the garden we just knew it was LUCKY'S RAINBOW. Her spirit will live on through this daylily.... and Yes, we did adopt more rescue cats!