(In Alphabetical Order So There Will Be No Complaining About Who Is First) 

The Sisters Story


(grey long haired with gray "beauty mark on face)

A friend Lynn and her husband came over to visit and started telling us about a stray that had kittens in her iris bed! Of course we soon went across the field to check them out and returned with month and a half Bella! Bella is bright and into everything! The Christmas tree was especially fun for her! She is the "alpha runt" still the smallest but she has perfected wall climbing and getting into more things than one would imagine! Her favorite food is anything and everything but she loves coleslaw, beans, carrots... weird right? She was very excited when a month later as the winter winds kicked in we went back out and rescued her sister, KloE now they are known as "Double Trouble" just like the daylily! 


 (gray and white long hair with white nose and bib)

KloE is a HANDFUL. She was in the "wild" a month longer than Bella but she is just a total imp! She LOVES getting in all the houseplants and SLEEPING! Tracking dirt everywhere! UGH!!! She does love her sister and they are usually together (and usually into something that isn't good!) Her favorite food is EVERYTHING and ANYTHING and don't stand in her way! She will be first even if she is on the far side of the duplex! She's very furry

SMOKEY (gray male with white nose)

Smokey was found when Heather and Amanda still lived in NY and could not keep him as they had Lucky. They conned Grace to give him a shot--to fill the void left when Penny died. Smokey was about 2 and had been abandoned when his family moved away. He is a CHARMER and a very skilled wall climber as it turns out! He also fancies eating daylily seedlings-- that is until he got fly tape stuck to his tail a while back! KARMA! He loves his harem of ladies! He gives climbing lessons regularly and loves to SLEEP! His favorite food is chicken and he loves chasing little mice toys! He lets all the girls boss him around----and is just an all around good guy! He does love attention---obnoxiously so! Ya just got to love him! 


TORI (Dark Torti)

She was adopted at 3 months from a Delaware shelter. She is a little shy, but loves attention on her terms! She and Smokey are best buddies as she grew up with him. When my mom and I combined houses and started Willow Rock Gardens LLC with my daughter, the cats soon learned they would live together full time and it was like a slow motion movie! They ran to each other and hugged! Ya just can't make this stuff up! Now, with the addition of the 2 kittens, Bella and KloE Tori is in her element and acts very maternal towards them! Her favorite food is beef and she loves playing with baby carrots! She is best at hiding--- often causing panic! All the Willow Rock Garden cats are indoor cats and have regular vet care---there is NO interest in going outside when life is THIS good Yet, we still panic and she still finds pleasure in it! 




In October of 2017 we adopted Raven she is a rescue and was 7 months old.  She is a lot of fun and gets along with the others.  She is our lucky black cat!





Meet Phantom, this is Raven’s brother!!! He is into everything! We were only going to adopt 1 but just couldn’t break these 2 up!